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Product Description

The Benelli SuperSport Semi-Auto Shotgun has highly advanced features needed to win sporting clays competitions. Several key features of the SuperSport reduce recoil and shooting fatigue, enabling shooters to stay on top of their game for longer periods of time. The buttstock utilizes Benelli’s ComforTech® recoil reduction system that reduces recoil by as much as 48%. The ported barrel also reduces recoil and especially muzzle rise, allowing shooters to keep on target for fast follow up shots. The SuperSport operates with Benelli’s Inertia Driven™ System that has proven itself in the field to be ultra-reliable, cycling both 2-3/4″ field loads and 3″ magnums interchangeably without adjustments. The recoil operated Inertia Driven System is the epitome of simplicity, with just 3 main parts: the bolt body, an inertia spring, and a rotating bolt head. This super simple design does not use gas to cycle the action, so smoke and burnt powder residue do not enter the gun’s mechanism, allowing it to remain cleaner than a gas-operated semi-automatic shotgun. A rotating bolt head features steel locking lugs that lock into the steel barrel extension, creating a steel-to-steel lock that becomes even tighter during firing. The Benelli action is known to withstand tens of thousands of rounds with no failures. The SuperSport features a unique carbon fiber finish synthetic stock with a non-slip, dimpled checkering pattern on the forearm and pistol grip. A QuadraFit™ modular buttstock allows shooters to easily adjust the drop, cast, comb height, and length of pull in minutes. Benelli uses Crio® System barrels and extended Crio choke tubes on the SuperSport that are cryogenically treated to provide an even-grained, slick surface that minimizes pellet deformation, and produce tight, uniform shot patterns. A lightweight ventilated, stepped rib, with a red bar front sight and mid bead, provide an excellent sighting plane. The Benelli SuperSport is an outstanding Semi-Auto Shotgun for high volume shooting. Comes with 5 extended Crio choke tubes (C, IC, M, IM, F), wrench, and a hard gun case.

  • Designed for sporting clays competitions
  • ComforTech recoil reduction system
  • Reliable Inertia Driven System
  • Cycles 2-3/4″ and 3″ shells
  • Ported barrel reduces muzzle rise
  • Crio System barrel and choke tubes
  • Includes 5 extended choke tubes
  • Carbon fiber finish stock
  • Hard gun case

Product Features

Used / NewUsed
Barrel Length30"
Garland Mountain

Garland Mountain