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If there is such a thing as an all-round shotgun, the Beretta 303 qualifies. The last of the 300 series autoloaders to have wide distribution, the follow-up 304 is almost never heard of. The 304’s release coincided with the 390 series, and few if any made it to the United States.


The tested example is a three-inch chambered 26 inch Mobil-choked model, the Beretta date code (AS) indicating it was manufactured in 1987, proofed with an 18.3mm bore corresponding to just over .720 inches. The gun weighs 7.25 lbs. and has a very good field trigger, breaking right at 4.25 lbs. The ventilated rib on this model is a bit wider than the spindly “6 x 6 “ ribs on some more recent Beretta’s, at 7mm.


Despite its more traditional gas action with no secondary gas bleed, this 303 had no trouble cycling 1 oz. loads on up, having a moderate bolt speed and a moderate, ideal ejection distance of 5-6 feet with these loads. The same was the case with B&P F2 Legend 1-1/8 oz. shells. The 303 has a magazine cut-off, integral with the forearm as opposed to earlier models that had a lever on the right side of the receiver making for a cleaner appearance in this treatment. The 303 is shim adjustable for drop (45 – 65mm), but not for cast and drop as some of the more recent shotgun releases.

Comes with two barrels: 30″ Barrel and a 26″ Skeet Barrel.

Product Features

Used / NewUsed
Barrel Length30" and 26"
Garland Mountain

Garland Mountain