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Beretta DT10 32″

Full Set of chokes

14.25 LOP

Product Price $5,700.00

Product Description


The hammers are hinged from the bottom, and powered by V-springs rather than the coil springs found on cheaper Beretta models. The hammers and sears have been arranged to give extremely crisp and precise trigger pulls. The trigger blade is fully adjustable in a fore-and-aft plane to accommodate hands of all sizes, and transfer to the second barrel is by a recoil-driven inertia mechanism.

Barrel selection is by Beretta’s usual rocking switch, built into the safety thumbpiece. This component is larger than on most other Berettas. The safety is non-automatic, which is right for a competition gun.

The action frame is an extremely tough steel forging, with a plain, bright-polished exterior with the maker’s name set in gold on the sides and the gun’s name and the Beretta logo on the bottom on the standard model. The more expensive L-version features very fine engraving.

Lock-up is achieved by a cross-bolt running across the top of the action just above the centre line of the top barrel. When the top lever is pushed over, the bolt moves sideways and its end protrudes through a slot on the left side of the action frame. When the gun is closed, the bolt end retracts and projections on the breech ends of the barrel pass through slots in the action face, and engage with the bolt. This is the bolting system used on the SO sidelocks, and is extremely strong and positive.

The top lever is curious – paddle-shaped and offset to the right. It looks a bit odd, but users report it provides for a very positive and fast reloading action. It works well for both left and right-handed shooters.

Cocking rods pass through the lower sides of the action frame, and ejectors, of a beefed-up design compared to some other Beretta models, are spring-loaded. The barrels hinge on stub pins in the normal Beretta fashion. The fore-end iron includes an adjustment to take up slack in the jointing, should the gun ever shoot loose.


Product Features

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Barrel Length32"
Garland Mountain

Garland Mountain