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Charles H. Crawford, Birmingham, England.

Charles H. Crawford was a partner with George Walker of 72 ½ Weaman Street in the firm of Walker & Crawford (1889-1901).

When the partnership broke up in 1901, Charles Crawford remained at 72 ½ Weaman Street where he traded until 1934.

Product Price $2,950.00

Product Description

12-gauge Boxlock side-by-side

7 lbs., 12 oz.

30’’ barrels

Filed Flat top rib

Hand scroll engraving on action and furniture

Greener Crossbolt

Deeley Forend Latch

Rounded Prince of Wales stock

Gold Oval inlaid into stock

2 3/4 inch chambers

14 3/4’’ Length of Pull

1 3/8’’ drop at Comb

2 1/8’’ drop at Heel

¼’’ Cast Off

Double triggers

Manual Safety



A fine and very solid Birmingham Boxlock.


Refurbishment work done by J. David Yale:


Draw file, polish and rust blue

Refit barrels to action

Trigger pulls adjusted from 2.5 lbs and 1.75 lbs to 4 lbs each

Welded trigger safety engagement lugs

Full clean and relubrication

New red Silver’s recoil pad and spacer

Polish and re-blue of small parts

Opened chokes from .020’’ (Modified) and .035 (Extra-Full) to .010 (Improved Cylinder) and Modified


Product Features

Used / NewUsed
Barrel Length30"
Garland Mountain

Garland Mountain