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STOCK IS A VERY BEAUTIFUL, GOLD TRIGGER. Winning Ways From the very first moment you see the F3, it is clear that everything about this shotgun is designed to win. The low receiver and masterful stock define its streamlined appearance and “shootability”?. The unique shape of the butt stock reflects thorough studies on body anatomy and movement. It is perfectly formed and unerring in accuracy: a shotgun that intires you to shoot. Trigger and Lock 100% mechanical, single-selective trigger function. 1500 g/3.3 lbs trigger pull out of the box. In line design of hammer and firing. Ergonomically optimized trigger blade adjustable in length. IBS® (Inertial Block System) The IBS® (Inertial Block System) leads to trigger characteristics that are unmatched. Lock into the power of innovation. Safety Combined safety hammer catch system and trigger safety. Lock Massive low profile lock-up with generous locking area. Triplex Bore Design Flat forcing cone and “Overbore” internal bore diameter. Steel proofing The F 3 is designed to handle the requirements of steel-shot and it is magnum proofed. Ejection-Ball-System (EBS®) Ejector springs are cocked automatically when the shot is fired and the gun is openend. Balancer The balancer regulates the weight of the buttstock with weight cylinders. The Attaché name is legendary. It is equated with all the well thought out features of Blaser rifles and guns. The new sophisticated F3 model is merely the logical evolution of the overwhelmingly successful Blaser shotgun. The exquisite velvet black matt finish, natural beauty of exquisitely grained root woods, and handcrafted real gold highlights make it particularly appealing to the connoisseur who seeks functional elegance.


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Barrel Length30"
Garland Mountain

Garland Mountain