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The Ithaca Model 37 is a bottom-ejecting, pump-action shotgun. That means the sides of the receiver are solid. According to my research, the intent was to prevent debris from entering the action. Browning employed this concept in other designs, most notably his fantastic little .22 semiautomatic rifle.

The Ithaca Model 37 uses a single action bar, and the original guns could be fired continuously by keeping the trigger squeezed and working the pump action. Later versions were changed to eliminate that mode of fire.

One of the Model 37’s most distinctive features is how the barrel attaches. Interrupted threads on the chamber end of the barrel fit into corresponding threads inside the front of the action. Once inserted, the barrel is turned 90 degrees, and is held in place by a nut attached to the end of the tubular magazine. Turning the nut holds a ball against an extended lug on the barrel.

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Barrel Length28"
Garland Mountain

Garland Mountain