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30″ BBL


comes with factory box , chokes, adjustment tools, shims and spacers

A properly fit shotgun stock is a combination of adjustments. These adjustments are unique to each individual shooter and include the drop dimensions, the proper length of pull, pad rotation and the comb alignment and height. The “fit and feel” of a shotgun and where it patterns are all dependent upon these unique dimensions. The major challenge for most student athletes and coaches is having a shotgun that “fits” them from season to season. The RS300 is the solution to this problem.

The stock’s length of pull has an adjustment range of 1 ¼” for proper gun mount and cheek placement on the comb of the stock. The pad can be rotated in either direction for proper shoulder pocket fit. This reduces felt recoil and the natural reflex to cant the toe of the pad away from the top of the pectoral muscle. The pad can also be adjusted in an up and down direction 1 ¼” to insure proper eye alignment to the sighting plane.


A selection of 6 stock shims are provided with the shotgun. Three of the shims adjust the drop dimension of the stock from the standard drop dimension. Also included are two shims that adjust the cast from neutral to either Left or Right.


The adjustable comb can be moved horizontally ¼ inch from the center line of the stock in either a left or right direction. The comb can be adjusted vertically upward ½ inch by using washers that slide over the post. These comb adjustments ensure that the shooters eye is in alignment with the center line of the rib.


The low recoil system of the RS400 and RS300 allows even the youngest of the youth shooters to utilize a 12ga shotgun in practice and competition. This hybrid operating system features a gas assisted, inertia recoil operating system. When a shot shell is fired it releases energy, this energy creates reactionary force that engage both the RS bolt face and the gas piston. The barrel ring of the RS contains four exhaust ports which regulate the amount of recoil force that the gas piston exerts on the action bar by bleeding off excessive gas pressure. This reduces the total energy used to cycle the shotgun which reduces the felt recoil the shooter will experience when shooting the shotgun. The RS models will cycle a full range of ammunition from light 1oz low recoil target loads to 1 ¼ oz heavy field loads

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Barrel Length30"
Garland Mountain

Garland Mountain