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Winchester Model 12, 2-Barrel Set
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Product Description

Winchester Model 12, 2-Barrel Set


2 ¾ “ Chamber

30-inch barrel

Full Choke


Cutts Compensator 22-inch Barrel – Cylinder Choke

14” Length of Pull

Kick Eez Recoil Pad

The Model 12 is one of the all-time classic shotguns, along with the Winchester Model 1897, Remington models 31 and 870, and the Ithaca Model 37. Designed by John M. Browning, it used, for the time, a rather unique take down system wherein both the barrel and the magazine tube were attached to the same forward assembly and attached to the receiver by a rotating thread system. In order to remove the barrel, a pin at the end of the magazine tube was pushed to one side, and then the tube was rotated until the threads no longer interlocked with the receiver threads, at which point, the magazine tube was pulled forward. With the forearm pulled all the way to the forward position, the entire assembly was rotated until the barrel threads no longer interlocked with a second set of receiver threads. The entire assembly could then be removed. This made is possible for a hunter or other sport shooter to switch the Model 12 to another barrel in a relatively short period of time (less than a minute). There are signs o wear in different locations as can be seen in the photos. This is not surprising when one considers the 12’s age. With a serial number of 61358, this gun was manufactured in 1914 making it a very early example of one of the finest shotgun designs ever produced. The primary barrel is thirty inches long and has a full choke. It is made from nickel steel as marked on the barrel. The spare barrel has the same serial number and so was likely purchased at the same time as the shotgun. It was originally marked as a modified choke, but presumably, was returned to the factory and converted to a cylinder choke. The Cutts compensator was probably added later. This is not likely to be an original factory installed Cutts barrel, as Winchester did not mark the choke on the barrels which they installed the Cutts on. The Cutts barrel in 22 inches long from breach to muzzle just inside the compensator. Total length from the breach to the tip of the choke is 26 inches. It is currently equipped with an unusual “no choke” choke. In other words, the inside diameter of the choke is wider than a cylinder choke. The yellow substance inside the shotgun and in the barrel threads is a lubricant. This Winchester would be suitable to many uses including home defense (with the shorter barrel), bird hunting, clay shooting, and other uses. Don’t miss out on a chance to own one of history’s finest shotguns.

Product Features

Used / NewUsed
Barrel Length30"
Garland Mountain

Garland Mountain