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Garland Mountain now offers a full complement of training for mind and body – for the experienced shooter!




As an Experienced Shooter, you know that you must never cheat the fundamentals if you want to improve.  That is why you need a great foundation upon which to build your game. Dimas will evaluate your current “style” and work with you to implement a “system” that is easy to understand, easy to duplicate over and over, and most importantly, easy to perform. As an Experienced Shooter, you may not believe it, but less is more! Learning how to approach various target presentations with a clean and effective strategy, matching shooting methods to specific target presentations, while also minimizing body AND random gun movement will greatly improve your chances of getting more “X’s” on your score card.



Clinic levels:


In our Level 2 Clinic, we begin with target type 3, the Chondelle.  We focus on the various Chondelle presentations, closing angle targets, and begin to develop the “report” and “true pair” shooting methods. Site picture evaluation, target evaluation and technique matching are developed. Targets are slightly more complex in presentation and length.

The Mental game becomes integral to the shooting process and a basic development of the Mental Game is explored. The 7 step shooting process is emphasized. All shooting will take place on the Ridge Course (Beginner to Intermediate level rated).

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Level III Clinics introduce specialty targets such as the battue, rabbit, midi and mini presentations, proper selection of Break Point for both “report” and “true pairs”, deeper understanding of “true pairs” and methods used to take various presentations. Target evaluation is heavily emphasized and pressure is also introduced, as well as basic methods to handle and use pressure. More emphasis is placed on the Mental Game with focus on quieting the conscious mind while shooting subconsciously.

Shooting takes place on both the Ridge (Beginner to Intermediate rated) as well as select targets on the Trail Course (intermediate to Advanced rated). Targets are faster, longer, and will be presented with compound leads.

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Learn to Compete – Cost for 1-1 lesson $75/hour – one hour minimum. Duration for lesson is at discretion of shooter.

Emphasis is on process development and refinement. All target types are presented and both “report” and “true pairs” are explored in depth. Choke selection is introduced. Churchill methods are introduced as well as target selection for the Churchill method. Most of this course will be on the Trail (Intermediate to Advanced rated) Course. Pressure is placed on shooters to achieve a higher level of performance in tournament type environments. The Mental Game moves into prominence for pre-load, execution and reinforcement of the shot. Basic tournament strategies are introduced.

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Learning to Win – For the Tournament (NSCA) level Shooter.
Cost – For 1-1 lesson $75/hour – one hour minimum.  Duration for 1-1 lesson is at discretion of shooter.

Heavy emphasis on compound leads, “true” and “report” pairs, target evaluation and shooting techniques. Pressure situations, transition shooting, mental program and triad state evaluation, triad state analysis, Performance Analysis is offered for students who pursue higher levels of performance through Performance review and recommendation. Proper Goal setting is introduced. Training regimens are available for the committed tournament shooter.

All shooting will be on courses and stations selected by the instructors for proper lesson and student development.  Maximum student population of 2 – one student is highly recommended to maximize student development.

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