Quail Hunts

Quail Special!

There’s no better way to create memories alongside friends, family, and colleagues than embarking on an exhilarating quail hunt. Our quail hunts are designed to eliminate the tedium of endless walking and extended waits between coveys. Our primary objective is to keep your excitement levels at their peak and your shotgun barrels warm! Each hunter receives a generous allotment of 20 quail, guaranteeing a continuous flurry of action.

Our seasoned guides are dedicated to ensuring that your group adheres to proper hunting etiquette and safety protocols. With the precision of our expertly trained dogs, you’ll stay on the birds and experience flushes with pinpoint accuracy.

This season, take advantage of our Quail Special, tailored for hunting parties. The more hunters you bring, the greater the savings!

Secure your guided hunt today! Call us at (770) 345-0303. 

Special Pricing:
Two Hunters – Group pays $425 person
Three Hunters – Group pays $375 person
Four Hunters – Group pays $350 person

* Chef prepared, fireside breakfast or lunch at our mountain view lodge

* 25 warmup clays. Warmup takes place on field

* Garland Mountain logoed Cooler Bag for take home birds

* Garland Mountain logoed Shell Pouch

* 20 Quail per hunter

* Guide & dogs

* Discounted gift cards cannot be redeemed for this promotional sale. A minimum of two hunters is required.


Want More Action? Let’s Add Some Birds! 

$1 per bird breasted cleaning.

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