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Garland Mountain is committed to introducing new shooters to the
exciting game of sporting clays.

With that in mind, we have options available to ensure new
sporting clays shooters are able to quickly and successfully smash clays!

Options 1: Take A Lesson

 Looking to shorten the learning curve and smash clays with consistency?
Then you’ll want to look into our introductory lesson. 

Our introductory lesson provides an informative orientation on safety, diagnosis of potential eye dominance, proper gun mounting, stance, and shot technique. The lesson is in a relaxed atmosphere and is meant to be fun! If you truly want to enjoy sporting clays and accelerate the ‘learning curve’ an introductory lesson is highly recommended!

As a new sporting clays shooter, if you don’t have experience with firearms, at a minimum, you’ll need an experienced shooter to assist you at all times. If you’re not accompanied by an experienced shooter, you are required to take our Introductory Lesson. 

Checkout our short Introductory Lesson video below.
You can also learn more about our
Introductory Lesson by Clicking Here.

Option 2: Learn On Your Own

The Pines Course offers 10 covered shooting stations located in a private setting and allows new sporting clays shooters to move at their own pace in a relaxed atmosphere. The Pines Course targets are set closer to the shooting decks and move at a reduced speed. This allows new sporting clays shooters the ability to develop the eye-hand coordination and skills necessary to successfully smash clays!

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